Military History

Constructed late in World War II, That’s All, Brother has an impressive military history.  Some of the key dates are as follows:

March 7, 1944: Built at Douglas Aircraft plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

March 8, 1944: To USAAF at Baer Army Air Field, Indiana, via Dallas Love Field.

April 16, 1944: Departed for England with Air Transport Command.

June 5, 1944:
Lead aircraft of Mission Albany – the US airborne drop on the eve of D-Day. Led 432 aircraft dropping 6,600 paratroopers behind enemy lines in Normandy.

September 1944: Participated in Operation Market Garden  (17–25 September 1944).

March-May 1945: Participated in Operation Varsity (24 March 1945 – 2 May 1945)

August 4, 1945: Departed for the United States


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